Dear guest.

I am Omar just an ordinary guy that has a passion for original classic Porsche cars. I wanted to get my Early 911 as original as possible but finding the engine became really difficult. These engines are all around the world and all kind of web pages in different languages. I wanted to match my 911 and help others in need to do the same. That is the reason this "tinder" for Porsche engines was created. In order to do this I got help from and old friend Tuomas that spent his time with computers not in the garage like I did :).

In recent years authenticity has become very important on these cars, with the market obsessed with 'matching numbers' adding also a significant value on the cars. In the end of the day a Classic Porsche is a piece of art that will always remain as beautiful as it is, but knowing that it is as original as possible just adds the final touch of perfection. The heart of the car is the engine. We hope that this will add you a chance to find you own "matching" engine.

If you have any ideas how to develop the page please let us know. Also please be aware that this is only a hobby and non profit business so we are not able to create some super complicated solutions.

Good luck with the search!

Omar and Tuomas

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