When will I be notified if there is a match?

The system will automatically send you an email with the contact details you have a match with, but only if there is a match.

Can I buy the motor if there is a match?

It is all up to the two parties involved. There might be cases where the holder of your matching motor is willing to sell or swap the engine. We are not involved in any dealing of motors, we only provide a better chance to find the correct one with this search tool.

Can you help with gearboxes?

We are working on it and will soon add the gearbox function when we have time.

How can I help to get people to know about this service?

We would be happy if you post our link on all kind of classic Porsche pages. Please also share it on your Facebook if you are connected with people that might have an interest. The more motors we get in the system, the bigger is the chance there is a match!

What is the likelyhood that there is a match?

Low. But it is increasing every day as we get more motor numbers in the system. So good luck with the search.

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